Help Children Pursue Their Dreams

Helping Hands promotes the future success of children who are under the court’s jurisdiction. We help children pursue recreational opportunities, academic pursuits, music lessons, sports and other activities by sponsoring and partnering with providers.

Many children under the court’s jurisdiction do not have the means nor access to these activities.

How you can help:

  • Donate
  • Sponsor
  • Provide a scholarship to a partner who provides extra-curricular activities

Mission Statement

To educate, support and enrich youth development to ensure the success of children and families under court jurisdiction.

We Hope To:

Help children pursue their dreams and their passions.

  • I want to

    go to camp
  • I want to

  • I want to

  • I want to

  • I want to

    play an instrument
  • I want to

    be an actor
  • I want to

    do math games
  • I want to

    learn to cook

Helping Hands Events

We’re always up to something! Check back in regularly to see what local events we have going on. Feel free to sign up or stop by to do your part in bettering lives!


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